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Many factors can affect how much you pay for life insurance. From the type of work that you do, to the results of your last physical, to whether or not you smoke. All of these things will change your life insurance rate. Some insurers deal with this by focusing on a single market. They’re experts in male business executives over 40, or single women under age 35, or they really, really understand the risks of insuring carpenters but charge a premium for retail workers.

Without seeing your insurer’s actuarial tables, there’s just no way to know where your rate is coming from. Your best bet is to compare prices from a variety of insurers, and we’d love to be one of them. Because we serve the entire country, and because we serve a large variety of customers, our rates will be competitive no matter who you are.

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We Offer Life Insurance In San Diego

Some insurers want you to come to their local office, or have someone stop by your house for a blood test, but this is the digital age. You don’t have time for that. Between your job, your kids and household chores, the last thing you need is to drive all over town looking for the best life insurance rates. You need an insurer who works on your schedule. Most of all, you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are protected. You need an insurer who can get you covered right away, not next week or next month.

At Budget Life Insurance, we know you’re busy. We know this because we’re busy, too. And we also have families, so we understand that protecting them is the most urgent thing in your life. That’s why we offer free quotes in person. Just stop by our office and you’ll get a quote in minutes. Next, we will get you setup with life insurance. If you’d rather call us on the phone, that’s fine too. Just dial (619) 432-4242 to speak with one of our friendly service representatives.

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Nothing is more important than providing financial security for those you love. You know this, and so do we. We’ve made our application process as simple as possible, and we’ve made a commitment to serve our customers no matter where they live in San Diego.